Hi there! I’m Tammany, a screenwriter (MA) , script editor, story consultant, actor (and incurable optimist!)

I am passionate about storytelling and write in any genre, from high-concept thrillers to character-driven dramas and budget-friendly horrors, that connect with audiences and investors alike.

Beyond writing commissioned work, I love creating original scripts. My speciality is crafting complex dark comedy family dramas where laughter and dysfunction collide, heartwarming redemption stories with unexpected whimsy, and exploring the darker aspects of the human psyche. Even my Rom-coms have a touch of that mischievous spice.

My work features compelling female leads, bold themes, and a generous splash of dark humour. But beneath each twist and turn, you’ll find stories anchored in love, relationships and faith.

My journey as a writer and actor is intertwined. Acting opened my eyes to the profound power of storytelling. Today, I combine these skills, creating a style that defines my storytelling process.

Beyond writing stories, I thrive on forging connections and nurturing collaboration. Throughout the storytelling process, I unite people, infusing each project with positivity, dynamic energy, and boundless creativity.

Thanks for showing up – Let’s connect!

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Unlock Your Story with Tammany’s Mini-Movie Script Writing Course!

Ready to turn your imaginative idea into a captivating short film script?.

Join me for my three-day intensive workshop, where we’ll uncover the secrets of crafting your compelling story in a way that engages and entertains audiences.

Throughout the course, you’ll receive expert guidance, personalised feedback, and invaluable insights to refine your storytelling skills and master the art of short film writing. Every writer possesses a unique voice, and my mission is to empower you to amplify that voice and bring your vision to life on the page.

Why Tammany’s Mini-Movie Master short script writing workshop?

Your Story, Your Vision: I am committed to bringing your story to the forefront. Your distinctive voice and creative vision will be celebrated and nurtured throughout the course, enabling you to write your short film script’s first draft in a way that reflects your artistic vision.