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Logline and Treatment Writing

  • Ready to turn your story into a film or TV sensation? But struggling to condense it into a captivating logline or a detailed, industry-ready treatment? Look no further! I help screenwriters create:
  • Magnetic Loglines: I will help you distil your story into a concise, attention-grabbing, industry-specific logline. Capturing your story's essence and conflict.
  • In-depth treatment development: I help you create a professional document, that showcases your plot, characters, and themes with engaging narrative and strategic insights.
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Coverage and Analysis

  • Ready to elevate your screenplay but don't know where to start? My in-depth script coverage reports provide the constructive feedback and actionable insights you need to take your story to the next level.
  • Detailed analysis: Get a comprehensive breakdown of your script's strengths, weaknesses, and marketability across key areas like plot, characters, dialogue, genre and pacing.
  • Actionable feedback: I don't just point out problems; I offer specific suggestions for improvement and potential revisions to address them.
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Script Doctoring and Polishing

  • Is your script ready but lacks that final professional shine? My script doctoring and polishing services help screenwriters like you take their work to the next level. I meticulously analyze your pre-existing draft, focusing on:
  • Elevating Tone & Voice: Ensure your script's overall style and message resonate with target audiences.
  • Strengthening Character Development: Craft believable and engaging characters that drive the story forward.
  • Refining Dialogue: Create natural-flowing and emotionally impactful exchanges that captivate readers.
  • Polishing Consistency: Address inconsistencies in tone, voice, and character portrayals throughout the script.
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Collaboration and Co-writing

  • Stuck in a writing rut? Feeling your screenplay needs a spark? Collaborating with other writers can be a great way to improve your screenplays.
  • Fresh Perspectives: Inject new ideas and diverse viewpoints into your story, breaking through blocks and boosting creativity.
  • Enhanced Brainstorming: Generate innovative plot twists, character arcs, and dialogue together, accelerating your progress.
  • Generate Strategic Efficiency: Learn my industry-proven techniques to co-write effectively, saving time and maximizing productivity. plot twists, character arcs, and dialogue together, accelerating your progress.
  • Open communication: We'll work collaboratively, discussing ideas, sharing feedback, and building a cohesive story together.
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Get Your Movie or TV Idea Packaged and Pitch Ready!

Are you looking to turn your idea for a movie or TV show into a reality?
Tammany can help you create a pitch deck that is tailored to your project. She specializes in designing custom pitch decks for a variety of formats, including films, scripted TV, documentaries, reality shows, game shows, and more.

With her expertise in scriptwriting and knowledge of industry pitch deck standards, Tammany can provide script notes and design services to make your pitch deck stand out.


As writer/ director of the documentary ‘That’s What She said- a social inquiry’, compiling this expansive project required weaving a number of complex story worlds together in a cohesive manner. I asked Tammany Barton to come on board as a story editor. Her thoroughness was a blessing. Coming in on the back end of a project already two years in production, Tammany caught up quickly with the narrative, vision, and transcription interviews, and offered variations of insights too. Her turnover time in workload delivery was impressive. Her uncanny knack for adjusting story beats, within the documentary profile, helped immensely. Her vigilance in aligning to the trajectory of our premise, was crucial to overall project development. When post offline feedback was given, Tammany was a valued consultant in implementing amendments. Over and above her impeccable work ethic and knowledge, I was struck by Tammany’s commitment, care, and curiosity. Her genuine passion for the art of storytelling in a broad sense, as well as the specific topic of the doccie, made completing this production, a fulfilling task. I hope I get to work with Tammany Barton again. I believe her to be an ally and an asset as a creative collaborator.
 – Natasha Sutherland