Changing Rooms a Short Film

Changing Rooms a Short Film

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Adapted from the National Arts short play Changing Rooms, 2020, by Tammany Barton

Short Personal Drama


When an elderly black suit store owner grapples with the reality that his family business is fading away without someone to carry forward its legacy, an unexpended encounter with a white woman shopping for a dress triggers a flood of memories about his estranged daughter. As he discovers who the woman is and why she’s there, he must confront the truth about himself and his family’s legacy.


‘Changing Rooms’ is a touching exploration of the human spirit’s resilience. Two individuals from vastly different backgrounds forge an unexpected connection through the Love of one woman. The narrative explores the universal need for connection and tackles issues of LGBTQ, diversity, and prejudice. It shows how common experiences or understandings can create Love and redemption.

In Development.



19 January 2024

My Team

Tammany Barton - Writer


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