A Little More About Tammany

I am an accomplished actress, producer, playwright, and screenwriter with over 15 years of experience in the film, TV, and theatre industry. I have been fortunate to receive numerous awards for my work, including the 2023 Writers Guild of South Africa MUSE Award for my short film, “Duet.” This film also secured accolades at the Los Angeles SicaFilm Festival and the Rome Prisma Film Awards. In 2023, I was honoured to be nominated and a finalist for the Emerging Screenwriter Award in South Africa.

I am a trained performing artist, holding a performing arts and speech and drama Licentiate from Trinity College London. Additionally, I earned a Master’s degree in Screenwriting from Falmouth University in the UK. My journey has led me to write and produce several successful plays, including “Cupcakes and Commiserations,” which premiered at the Theatre on the Square in Sandton, South Africa, in 2019. My 10-minute drama, Changing Rooms, was presented at the National Arts Festival in 2020. Most recently, I was the story editor for the documentary “That’s What She Said.” 

My acting extends to the small screen with recurring roles in television, such as Dr. Allerton in “Scandal,” Tanya in “Generations: The Legacy,” and Andrea Owen in “Binnelanders.” I also had the opportunity to appear in Mnet’s “Lioness” in 2021. On stage, I’ve taken on memorable roles, including portraying Medea in Ben Powers’ “Medea” in Hong Kong, Nola Thompson in “Cupcakes and Commiserations,” and Alison in Athol Fugard’s “Sorrows and Rejoicing.”

From a young age, I’ve been mesmerised by the power of stories and their impact on shaping the perspectives of individuals and society. I believe in the profound impact of storytelling, which can change mindsets, challenge thoughts, teach, and unite while still entertaining. My conviction in the power of storytelling was solidified when I witnessed a young girl’s life change through a rewritten narrative. This extraordinary young lady was afraid of the police and ambulances because of her own frightening experiences growing up. However, we rewrote her story using Stanislavski’s magical “what if?” tool, which I used in acting and now apply in the storytelling process. Her perception of the police and ambulances changed, freeing her from her fears.

This experience affirmed my conviction that, as a storyteller, I have a duty to entertain, capture people’s imaginations and challenge hearts in the hope of healing because, ultimately, stories save lives.

My journey as a writer has its roots in acting. I realised that both are distinct yet inseparable expressions of storytelling. I have woven these two facets together, creating a synergy that defines my creative storytelling process.

My work spans various genres and formats, from drama, horror, thriller, and comedy. Even a Christmas Hallmark script has found its place in my portfolio. At the heart of each narrative is love and connection — with oneself, each other, and God.

Beyond my career, I am a passionate storyteller dedicated to positively impacting the world. In 2016, I founded the non-profit organisation Doodle Your Future, a life skills program that enhances the lives of orphaned and vulnerable children in South Africa. I also established The Best Seat in the House, a table reading experience that allows writers to hear their working drafts read aloud by professional actors and receive valuable feedback.

I am a self-professed, incurable optimist. I bring enthusiasm, creativity, and energy to everything I do. I am passionate about storytelling and committed to using my gifts to positively impact people’s lives.

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