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Animated Love Story.


A shy woman living under apartheid falls in love with a man she shouldn’t, sparking a forbidden bond which ignites the world with colour and music, threatening society and forcing the couple to choose between following their hearts or returning to the black-and-white world they were born into.


Duet is an animation about having the courage to love in a world riddled with intolerance. Shining a light on love, revealing its true nature of wholeness through elements of colour and music. Set against the loaded backdrop of Apartheid, South Africa, a time of racialized laws preventing mixed-race couples from falling in love, amongst many other atrocities.

Duet tackles the topics of discrimination and oppression. Although it steals from history to highlight how aggressively the law drove a wedge between society, Duet also speaks to current issues. The profound theme presented in Duet is the societal monsters that continue to quietly divide us today. Duet’s subtle but powerful visual storytelling depicts divisive tools, showcasing that we still live in a society subconsciously riddled with bias.

But there is hope, and it lies within Duet’s characters’ actions to choose not to turn a blind eye to these offences or to become the bully or the aggressor. But, instead, they dare to look, choose, listen, and love.

Duet is a short love story for humanity, where the meeting of two “unlikely” melodies falls in love. With limited time together, their love heals the black-and-white world with bursts of radiant colour and music. It shares with the audience a world where love breaks all that tries to divide us and asks why we continue to build these walls.

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31 December 2023

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