That’s What she Said

That’s What she Said

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Yes Girl Productions


30 August 2023

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About Project

The film centres around reactions to the acclaimed theatre production of the memoir Brutal Legacy ( SA best seller) penned by Tracy Going (award-winning former TV and radio news anchor), a survivor of GBV herself and the high profile case that dominated local media on the late 1990’s, at a time when GBV received little if any attention.

What makes this documentary, ‘That’s What She Said”: A Social Inquiry’ unique is that the narrative, represented in haunting scenes from the performance, is woven alongside commentary from a panel of unrelated men from diverse backgrounds. Their reactions after viewing the provocative play provide intriguing insights regarding this controversial social issue. The result is a powerful message that GBV knows no gender. In fact, it affects us all


  • Bouguenon | Natasha Sutherland | Jess Wolhuter – Actors
  • Natasha Sutherland – Director – Producer – Writer
  • Tammany Barton – Story Editor | Storyliner
  • Tracy Going – Producer
  • Lesedi Job – Producer

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