Changing Room

Changing Room

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In this ten-minute drama, ‘Changing Rooms,’ an elderly black man, Mr Mabuza (Winston), finds himself grappling with the harsh reality of his family business fading away, as he has no one to carry on its legacy. When an unexpended encounter with a white woman, Lauren, triggers a flood of long-buried memories about his estranged daughter, Nolwazi, he discovers who Laura is and why she’s in his shop.



‘Changing Rooms’ is a touching exploration of the human spirit’s resilience, as two individuals from vastly different backgrounds forge an unexpected connection, through the love of one woman.

The play emphasizes the significance of unexpected connections and relationships that transcend societal barriers, such as race and gender. Leaving the audience with a powerful message about the potential for healing and redemption in the face of adversity.



5 January 2018

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