Unleash Your Storyteller Within!

Write Your first Draft of Your Short Film Script in 3 Days!

This intensive workshop is your launchpad to writing the first draft of your short film script. Whether you’re a budding filmmaker, an aspiring actor, or simply a passionate storyteller, this workshop equips you with the essential skills and knowledge to bring your story to life.

In Three Days, You Will:

Understand the fundamentals:

Learn the essential tools used to craft a short film script.

Breathe life into characters:

Create emotionally resonant, unforgettable characters that drive your story.

Captivate audiences:

Learn proven storytelling techniques to hook viewers from the opening scene.

Deepen your acting:

Gain a profound understanding of your craft and how scriptwriting enhances performance.

Get expert feedback:

Receive valuable insights and participate in a table read of your script.

Finish your first draft:

By the end of the workshop, you’ll have a completed first draft of your short film script.

This is more than just a workshop. This is your chance to explore your short film script idea, in an immersive experience where you'll completely engage with the process and story you want to write. It's not just about technical skills; it's about unlocking your creative story, finding your voice, and transforming your ideas into a first draft script.

Why Tammany's Mini Movie Master Class?

Join me for my three-day intensive workshop, where we’ll uncover the secrets of crafting your compelling story in a way that engages and entertains audiences.

Throughout the course, you’ll receive expert guidance, personalised feedback, and invaluable insights to refine your storytelling skills and master the art of writing your first draft of your short film idea.

Every writer possesses a unique voice, and my mission is to empower you to amplify that voice and bring your vision to life on the page.

I’d be honoured to help you and your story develop on the page!

About Tammany

Tammany Barton (MA), Screenwriter, believes in your story and your Vision And is committed to placing your creative ideas at the forefront. Your distinctive voice and vision will be celebrated and nurtured throughout the course, enabling you to write a story that reflects your artistic vision.

The Workshop

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