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As a child, my bathtub was a magical world of make believe, where every shampoo bottle, sponge, and bar of soap transformed into vibrant characters, whisking me away on enchanting adventures within the confines of my tub. Sadly, I vividly recall the day when this magic abruptly stopped, as though someone pulled the plug and all the magic drained out the tub.

Despite my relentless quest to find it again, through storybooks and make-believe, I struggled to reclaim that lost enchantment, only to realize that the magic had merely been dormant within me as I journeyed into adulthood.

Now, as the Ladies of Lavare rediscover the memories of their youth buried beneath saggy skin and aching joints, they will help you reignite the spark of magic within you, too. 

We can’t wait to get these two old duck in the tub and on stage, please help us bring them to life!

Tammany Barton

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Ladies Of Lavare

Ladies of Lavare is a coming of old-age comedy drama that offers a sneak peek and poke at societies positioning of our senior citizens. It reveals that an older person’s value is not attached to their appearance or limitations of their bodies – but rather their life experiences. Ladies of Lavare share the sentiment that life holds the opportunity for adventures every day even in a retirement home.

The play contains an underlying message for senior and younger audience members. Encouraging us to rethink our prejudices and not see ageing as a disease or disability but as a valuable contribution to society. The play explores the themes of sisterhood, coming of age, death and dying, love, bereavement and childhood nostalgia. It shares a unique and touching perspective on what it means to grow old, face our fears and find courage to live life to the fullest.

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Tammany Barton

Actress | Screenwriter

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Getting Bums on Seats!

When socially inept, Maureen seeks solitude on her 65th birthday; she accidentally gets stuck in the bathtub with her verbose and people-pleasing sister, VERA. While a birthday cake catches fire in the kitchen, the tub transports the two old ladies on nostalgic adventures into their pasts, presents and hopes for the future, where they realize how much they need each other and how little time they have left.

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