The Memory Chamber

The Memory Chamber

The Memory Chamber is a beautiful story about love and loss, entangled with the perfect dose of mystery and murder.

There is a now a way to live ‘happily ever after’. A special memory bank is designed so you can spend your happiest memories on earth that constantly loops in your very own heaven. Isobel is a Heaven Architect. She spends time with dying clients, recreating their precious memories from life to shape their afterlife. Isobel falls for one of her dying clients, Jarek, who is married with children.

This love affair takes Isobel on a short but life altering journey after Jareks wife is found murdered. Isobel begins to question the beauty and purpose of her life as a Heaven Architect as well as who really is in control of this system. She finds herself on the run, not knowing who to trust anymore as Jarek’s heaven reveals more than she designed.

The Memory Chamber is set in the near future with a nail biting twist that encourages enthusiastic page turning. My question to you is: Would you want to create your very own heaven?

Tammany Barton