Hi There!

It has been one of the greatest privileges of my life to be able to portray and bring stories to life that inspire people to live authentically – to be who they are in all our shapes and forms. As an artist, I am willing to explore the dark shadows of humanity to expose the light and perhaps a touch of God. I am an eternal optimist (seemingly naive but deeply aware under the surface.) A lover of nature with a passionate tether to animals and their well-being. I can easily become a powerful and vicious defender of the helpless, the elderly, the children and the animals. Mostly, I am just goofy and fun,

I am unfortunately partial to laughing until things come out of my nose. I pull funny faces involuntarily and get my idioms mixed up. (Not when writing scripts of course.)  When slighted, I have the tendency to talk like a 90’s rapper. Don’t tempt me! I am comfortable in my own skin, some have even said “eyebrow raising sex appeal.” But, I prefer to think of myself as an intense intellectual dinner conversationalist who doesn’t mind climbing trees.

30 May 2017