Ghosts and apparitions


Inspiration for most of our favourite horror stories comes from the haunted hospital or Asylums. Yet, accurate accounts and transcripts told by psych ward workers are often scarier than those said in movies and books. The old psychiatric ward, no longer active in Middleburg, has a dark and haunting past. One case in 1898 still haunts the neglected hallways – patient 194. A Miss Marie Kruger.

Marie, a small petite mousy brown-haired girl, was taken to the hospital by her husband, who believed his wife had gone insane. She began having what he called “episodes.” The episodes explained by the husband were moments where she would see figures and hear people talking in their house. She then began hurting herself, along with complaining the smell of tobacco made her feel sick. The husband stated he did not smoke, nor did anyone in their family. Marie was thought to have been suffering from hallucinations, later known as split personality syndrome. Like most mental hospitals in 1800, very little was known by doctors, but countless tests and experiments happened. Some say they were cruel others say the cruelty of these experiments has helped us today. Marie was no exception. She encountered many different therapies, including shock therapy, extreme temperature treatment and another altering test, but nothing seemed to help her. She started to claim a male doctor was the cause of all her bruising and cuts to her body. She would have moments of rage and panic, claiming that the Doctor would come into her room at night and do awful things to her. She claimed to be tortured, raped and cut by him. However, records prove that the Doctor she claimed abused her was never on shift during these incidents. The hospital reports say she would self-harm and scream at the top of her voice that she was being butchered.


The last audiotape taken with Patient 194 did not burn down in the fire. It was born in the previous session she would ever have with the Doctor she claimed abused her. Here is the audio transcript from one of her episodes during a hypnosis session with her Doctor. We have tried cleaning it up to be heard as clearly as possible.


Girl: “Shsshsh, don’t make a noise. He can hear us.”

Male: “Who is he?”

Girl: “He shouldn’t be here… get him out… out.”

Male: “There is no one in here.”

Girl: “Out… out…”

Male: “Who is it Marie?”

Girl: “No, I don’t want to. Please …don’t make me. No one can see me; I can feel him, I can feel you.”

Male: “Feel who?”

Girl: “His breath warm … Running down the back of my neck.  Get off me, get off me.”

Male voices heard.

Girl: “Get off me… get off me!”

Deep breathing, guttural sounds- air being sucked out the room /Male voices

Girl: “Aaaah, the air is gone. He is inside. He is inside me! I don’t want him here again. Get out, get out.”

Male: “Who is he? Marie, who is he? Marie, stop it stop it!”

Girl: “Please, please.No, no… Please… please leave me alone…”

Whispers/ Strangling sound.

Male: “I own you ( barely audible). Deep breathe in…. Release it …..”

Girl: Don’t look at me, please, please don’t look at meI don’t want to… please leave me….

Choking sound/screaming crying/grunting.

Tape ends just white noise.

The tape has been fast-forwarded to 20minutes later when a nurse enters.

The nurse can be heard screaming.

End of Transcript


No one came out of that room alive. No one knows what happened onward 2 in room 32. That is not the most disturbing part. When the nurse entered room 32, she found the Doctor dangling from the ceiling. There was no way the petite young woman got him up there; no one knows how his body was hauled up the wall and pegged to the curtain railing. Marie was found sitting in the corner of the room, rocking herself her eyes and tongue had been removed. There was no knife or scapple or any sharp object that would have assisted her in extracting them. Lastly, a pungent scent of Virginia tobacco filled the air. Neither the patient nor the doctors smoked. The patient died that night in a fire that engulfed the ward. The section of the hospital was removed entirely, and now the only fynbos covers the land. Some say that if you walk through the fynbos at certain times in the year, the scent of burning tobacco can be smelled.