Cupcakes & Commiserations

DIRECTOR: Penny Bramwell-Jones
PREMIERE: Theatre on the Square – Daphne Kuhn

This psychological thriller mines the timid memory of newly pregnant Nola Thompson, a  housewife, and her relationship with her devoted husband, Frank Thompson. When Frank goes missing, the investigation opens a pandora’s box of dark revelations into their perfect marriage. Nola tries to pieces together a chain of terrible revelations, all while baking her husband’s favourite cupcakes.

“The episodic structure of this play creates a filmic thriller feel that keeps us in suspense for the duration of the production. The non-chronological jumps in time keeping us guessing right up until the climax of the piece which was well executed and left this reviewer feeling the effects of films like Gone Girl or Shutter Island.” Theatre ZA

“Everything about this production is clever, and so many little details jump out at you afterwards when you are processing what you’ve just seen. It was fantastic, and Tammany in the lead was mesmerising.” Penny Murray

“Absolutely incredible piece of magnificently written and performed art!” Henck Conrey

Cupcakes and Commiserations is an incredible piece of art! It was moving, captivating and had everyone on the edge of their seats with the dark twist. Absolutely brilliant!” Gabriella Alfeltra

“What a great show… Had us guessing and switching sides all the time, right the way through and then bamn…. An unexpected twist in the end. Well done! Highly recommended.” Wendy Vermeulen

“Beautiful acting and intriguing storyline that draws you right in and keeps you enthralled right to the end. Now that I know the full story I may need to watch it again through knowing eyes.” Donna McLaggan – Market Theatre

“Riveting, unexpected and unpredictable. A deep and emotional story.” Lize Van Wyk

“A show that keeps you on the edge of your seat. Brilliant writing and phenomenal performance.” Renaldo Abdul

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