Slice of Life SABC

This Sunday sees the launch of a brand new Christian Lifestyle Magazine show on SABC 2 – Slice of Light. The programme has a fresh, clean feel, and profiles real people making a difference in their communities, for Christ.

Slice of Light is anchored by two presenters. One will be a familiar name to SABC audiences – the charming and energetic Fiks Mahola. The other a fresh local talent, Megan Fisher, who makes her TV debut with this show.

When asked what viewers could expect from the series for the next 13 weeks, producer Nicola Barbour said: “Our stories have depth and they have heart. Viewers can expect to be entertained and uplifted. We love to laugh, so humour is a big part of it as well. And as the credits roll, we just want viewers to feel rested and encouraged, and thinking with positivity about the new week.”

Tammany, Founder of Doodle Your future meets Megan Fischer on SABC 1’s Slice of Light.


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