Karl Schoemaker: Black and White series: The End

My dear friend and talented master of capturing story from behind the camera, Karl Schoemaker, invited me into his space and allowed me to open up and reveal my most vulnerable sides.
Black and White series: The End


The sound waves of their love is slowly beating to the rhythm of their own souls again.

She can’t seem to hear a single melody. Yours or mine.


She could understand his unhappiness, but she never understood the other woman in her bed.


How does someone do that to another person, she quietly whispered.


She wasn’t mad. She was sad that their story ended in a plot twist of lies and deceit.



She still sees your divine light. It is still beautiful, but she no longer desires it.


Then she saw him for the first time. The beautiful mess that tangled her up and strangled her joy.


He had thrown her to the wolves,  but he didn’t realise that her spirit ran freely with them.


It’s just that, we don’t belong together anymore.


The End


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