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Hi, I am Tammany, the author of this blog and creator of my beautiful life.

I started this blog a couple of years ago about my journey as an actor. Preparing for one audition to the next with all the highs and lows between. Oh, and learning the hard way about everything that you don’t get taught it performing arts school! Before moving to Johannesburg to pursue my career, find an agent and start working in my industry. I did my homework, asked so many questions, and I only found answers from being “naked in front of the camera.” So no, sorry, there is no real nudity. But their is pure honesty and truth, as an actor you reveal every ounce of your soul. Your craft strips you naked and the screen picks up every little moment and nuance’. In front of the camera in every audition, your soul is naked.
This is a blog about the life of an actress and the journey of chasing passion and living out dreams. From one audition to the next.
Tips, tears, laughter, lights, camera and action are tiny pieces of the building blocks.  So, maybe your are an aspiring actor. You need some acting advice, or you are looking for some tips on what to wear in an audition, how to get an agent,  be reminded about what not to do in front of a casting director. Or, simply for entertainment value!
Join my journey and you may pick up magical gems to help you create your own wonderful career. From failures to triumphs there is nothing more spectacular than acting!
I have decided to get naked in front of the camera once again and let you into the secret soul of of the actors life. I will revive old auditions and moments that have never left me. The good the bad and the ugly.

Love Tam x

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